Facebook News Feed Algorithm: Facebook User Awareness (Pilot Research)


  • Majority of Facebook users is not aware of the Facebook EdgeRank / News Feed Algorithm (excluding social media managers/specialists).
  • Facebook users are rather aware of the influence of their their ‘affirmative‘ actions (liking, sharing, commenting befriending, following, subscribing) than the influence of their ‘private‘ interactions with other users (messages, chatting), their ‘private‘ actions (adjusting privacy settings, creating & editing friends lists, sorting Facebook posts) and/or of their ‘negative‘ actions (hiding, reporting & blocking something).
  • Majority of Facebook users have used at least half of the features affecting their News Feed content shown but more than half of the Facebook users seem to be rather ‘passive‘ consumers of the News Feed content shown (not adjusting it in any way even though they seem to know about some ways of how to do it).
  • In general, more than half of the users have never reported or blocked anything on Facebook.
  • People rather subscribe to notifications from a page than from a person.
  • Majority of Facebook users know about the interest and/or friend list feature but only about 1/3 of them actually use it.
  • There are still some users (even among University students) who have never adjusted their privacy settings.